How to make two years fly by

August 1, 2008

What happens when you get offered a teaching job in Italy? Well, if you’re me, you sit your boyfriend down and have the dreaded “where is this relationship going” talk. Which is precisely what I did a couple of months ago. I told him about the job offer in Italy, and explained that what I wanted was to work in San Diego for two years and start a family during my third year of teaching. And if he didn’t agree… Well, I was off to Italy!

And wouldn’t you know it, he agreed with my timeline! YIPEE!!

But then it hit me… Two years? I still have to wait two more years??? What torture!

Then, I realized I could approach this in one of two ways: I could sit around and mope because I still had to wait two years, or I could make a list of all the things I won’t be able to do (or which will seem overwhelming) once I have a kid. And do them.

And so, I present to you:

Things to do before I get knocked up

1. Train for and complete another 50-mile bike ride.

2. Learn how to kelp dive.

3. Take ballet classes.

4. Save and invest $10,000.

5. Run a half-marathon race.

6. Write a book about Montessori for parents.

7. Grow my classroom to 36 students.

8. Get married (I need a little help with this one).

9. Learn all I can about Montessori for 0-3 year-olds.

10. Take a French conversation course.

11. Learn how to meditate. For reals.

12. Go to India and spend a summer working in a Montessori school.

All of a sudden, two years doesn’t seem like a lot of time! I’d better get started!!!



  1. That’s a lot to pack into 2 years! You’re right. It will fly right by.


    You’re right, Robin, it IS a lot! I guess I’m a little ambitious, but hopefully this list will kick my butt in gear! 😀

  2. Nice : ) I’m glad “the talk” went well for you and that now the list is such a great motivator to enjoy these coming two years! Have great fun accomplishing them!


    Hey Jen, nice to “see” you! Must catch up on your blog!!

  3. Impressive list…I must say! The summer in India sounds fabulous. And Kelp diving? Yeesh. Go you…you’ll have to keep us posted on how you accomplish them. Cheers.

  4. My dear P, you totally forgot SLEEP. As in, when you want, how much you want, where you want…you get the idea.

    Also – showering sans audience, grocery shopping when/where you would like, reading (anything more than two sentences at a time), blogging, having sex…….

    Sorry. TMI?

    My two cents? Do EVERYTHING you can fit in. And then some. Because it’s gonna be a while before you can call your day your own again. But it really is SO worth it. Ella turns 1 tomorrow and life is even better than I imagined.

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